Live by Request Training Programs

Live by Request Training Programs - In conjunction with Australian Workplace Training we are now offering a number of 'Live by Request' Training courses, this means we will conduct the training at a time/date to suit your requirements.

What exactly is 'Live by Request'

Live by Request Training are programs delivered online in person by industry leading workplace investigation and training professional Phil O'Brien. With many year experience investigating a wide variety of misconduct complaints, Phil brings real world expertise to the training programs all of which have been developed by Phil based on his actual experience in the field. (Check out Phil's LinkedIn profile here, also please connect -

All of the Live by Request programs are delivered via Zoom or Teams where participants can interact with Phil, participate in discussions and ask questions. All of the programs have real world examples and  case studies

IWMI can be provide a fixed rate to organisations with multiple/unlimited attendees.  In addition we will also provide the courses to individuals and from time to time conduct open courses. This is great way to ensure that you and your employees are aware of the behavioural expectation of your organisation.

The courses listed below contain information that;
* Is multi jurisdictional
* Is consistent with best practice principals
* Can you tailored to your jurisdiction/region or country
* Can be tailored to include your organisations Code of Conduct and/or workplace policies.

Training programs - Click on the title for more details

*  Conducting Workplace Investigations
*  Respect in the Workplace 

*  Understanding workplace Sexual Harassment
Understanding Workplace Misconduct
Understanding Workplace Interpersonal Conflict
* Management Essentials - Bullying or Reasonable Management Action?
Understanding Workplace Sexual Harassment 1 on 1 training

As mentioned all of the training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a highly qualified and experienced workplace investigator. The programs have been developed as a result of  Phil having to investigate 100s of complaints of misconduct including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, misuse of resources including IT and email and many more.  The training is not just theoretical, it is based on actually incidents, complaints and issues experienced.

I have found that while jurisdictions/regions, countries and the size and type of organisations may differ the nature and behaviours associated with misconduct including workplace bullying, harassment and sexual harassment remain consistent the world over.

Since the advent of Covid 19 I have provided remote training in Western Europe (Germany, Finland, Belgium, The Netherland, Portugal, France and the UK) South East Asia and New Zealand. 

Please feel free to connect to me on LinkedIn -

To book or to make payment for any of our courses, please contact me at and I will invoice you or you can pay by credit card by using the PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, in the PayPal window and you can use a credit or debit card. I will provide a PayPal invoice and link to you.

Live by Request Training Programs