Conducting Workplace Investigations Live by Request

Conducting Workplace Investigations Open Course – Expression of interest
Delivery: Via Zoom or MS Teams

Date: To be advised
Time: 9am to 4pm
Total duration: 14 hours over 2 days or 4 x 1/2 days
$3,000.00 USD for organisations/companies with unlimited attendees
$800.00 USD for individuals

Please contact me if you would like to express an interest in attending or would like more details.

Conducting Workplace Investigations Open Course – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Recommended for HR professionals, managers and employers involved in the investigation of misconduct or complaints such as bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination and other forms of misconduct including theft, fraud and violence in the workplace.

This is a highly interactive course where participants work through an actual investigation from the receipt and analysis of the complaint, (bullying and sexual harassment) interviewing the parties (with our facilitators in the roles of the complainant, witnesses and the respondent), reviewing and analysing the evidence, drafting allegations and making finding and recommendations.

  • Day 1  
    • Investigations in the workplace
    • What is the workplace in 2023
    • Initial incident response
    • Why investigate
    • Types of complaints
    • Bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination
    • Sexual harassment laws around the world
    • Misuse of resources, email and I.T
    • Why managers get complaints & Reasonable Management Action
    • Investigation fundamentals
    • Investigative Fairness, Bias and Conflict of Interest
    • The investigation process
    • Planning investigations
    • Complaint analysis
    • Interview planning part 1
    • Record keeping
    • Evidence
    • Dealing with difficult complainants and respondents
    • Interview room set up
    • Interview planning part 2
    • Types of questions to ask
  • Day 2 covers interviewing in depth
    • Investigative interview technique
    • Planning & interviewing complainants and witnesses
    • Role plays with facilitators and actors playing the parts of complainants, witnesses and alleged perpetrators
    • Drafting allegations
    • Interviewing respondents
    • Analysing and evaluating evidence
    • Making findings
    • Report writing
    • The Investigation toolbox
  • In addition to the skills obtained during the Investigating Workplace Misconduct component this course provides participants with the opportunity to:
    • Work through an investigation based on a real world scenario from receipt of the complaint to final report including interviewing our facilitators in the roles of the complainants, witnesses and the respondent.
    • The training scenario is a bullying and sexual harassment complaint.
    • Analyse scenarios to develop skills to identify issue and formulate investigation and interview plans
    • Develop and practice their interviewing skills by interviewing actors and facilitators in the roles of complainants, witnesses and respondents
    • Receive feedback on their interviews and tips and tactics from professional investigators.

All participants will receive the full Workplace Investigation Document Toolbox, value $800.00 USD included in the cost of the course – Details Click here.

To book or to make payment please contact me at and I will invoice you or you can pay by credit card by using the PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account, in the PayPal window and you can use a credit or debit card. I will provide a PayPal invoice and link to you.

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All of our training is conducted by Phil O’Brien a highly qualified and experienced workplace investigator. The programs have been developed as a result of  Phil having to investigate 100s of complaints of misconduct including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, fraud, theft, misuse of resources including IT and email and many more.  The training is not just theoretical, it is based on actually incidents, complaints and issues experienced.

I have found that while jurisdictions/regions, countries and the size and type of organisations may differ the nature and behaviours associated with the investigation of misconduct including workplace bullying, harassment and sexual harassment remain consistent the world over.

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Conducting Workplace Investigations Open Courses

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