Understanding Workplace Sexual Harassment

What you get with the Understanding Workplace Sexual Harassment Program  

Key Elements

1)  10 Information Packed Videos – 60 minutes in total 

Designed to ensure that you and your employees fully understand sexual harassment in the workplace. It provides complete details on what sexual harassment is and how it occurs, with examples.

Regardless of where you are in the world the behaviours we see in workplaces from perpetrators, victims and witnesses are the same.

The program is based on real life incidents and complaints, however, does not depict any actual person, place or event.

2)  4 Case studies

Based on real world investigations of complaints of sexual harassment in workplaces which takes you through the complaint, the investigation process and the outcome to show you what can and does go wrong and how to avoid the pitfalls that can often occur in workplaces.

3)  Accompanying PDF resource manual

Designed to guide you and your employees through the content of the program and serve as a future reference.

4) Fact sheets that provide information about the legal definitions in different jurisdictions and locations and the organisations that administer the laws in relation to sexual harassment.

5)  Regular Follow Up Emails 

To keep you engaged and reveal best practices and developments in employment law/relations pertaining to sexual harassment in the workplace.

Imagine your organisation having a workplace

  • That is free of sexual harassment
  • Where all your employees understand what sexual harassment in the workplace is and what the behavioural expectations of your organisation are
  • That is a harmonious place where all of your employees understand how to behave to avoid sexual harassment and treat one and other with respect and dignity
  • Where victims or witnesses know what to do if they are confronted with sexual harassment in the workplace

Other benefits for your organisation

  • Knowing you have taken all reasonable and proportionate steps to satisfy your duty of care and keep you employees safe from sexual harassment and in the workplace
  • A higher retention rate and more productive employees from having a respectful and happier workplace
  • A reputation of being the leader is responding to and eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Being ‘A great place to work’

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