Combining a background as a Police Officer, Lawyer and University Employment and Business Law lecturer with over a decade of workplace investigation experience Phil O’Brien has created all of the IWMI training programs to assist organisations to maximise human performance by creating unrivalled pathways to optimal workplace behaviour.

As an experienced senior corporate and workplace trainer and investigator, Phil O’Brien has managed numerous complex investigations involving serious complaints of sexual harassment, bullying, harassment, discrimination and other workplace misconduct issues, including breaches of Code of Conduct and policies, theft, fraud and poor performance as a result of which all of the International Workplace Management Institute (IWMI) are all based on Phil’s experience as a workplace investigator. 

IWMI Points Of Difference

The training is not just theoretical, all of the courses have been based on real issues, complaints problems, events and real investigations.

The IWMI is constantly researches the most recent, topical cases involving sexual harassment, bullying and other workplace issues.

The programs are updated regularly to take into account changing circumstances in the workplace such as how Covid 19 and working from home has changed the working environment.