We maximise human performance by creating unrivalled pathways to optimal workplace behaviour.


Leading workplace investigator Phil O’Brien offers a unique combination of skills, extensive experience and proven training programs (live or online) that elevate awareness and enable in-house prevention circumventing expensive and prolonged investigations.


Every leader knows that in the pursuit of high performance and greater profitability there is bound to be human conflict. The cost of  resolving these issues could be debilitating.

However much of this can be prevented with the right kind of training, preparation and processes.

IWMI’s best practice training programs are designed through decades of experience to minimise misconduct and provide cost-effective methods for early intervention that will save time, money and emotional heartache.

Our Training programs are all based on and will reference experience gained conducting real investigations.

We are offering two great options
1 . Live by request programs delivered by Phil O'Brien at a time and date to suit your requirements remotely via Zoom or MS Teams and a time to suit you - Available now

Click here for the Live by request programs

2. Online steamed programs that can be tailored to your specific situation - Coming soon,

See below for details of the programs that are being delivered now Live by Request and soon downloadable/streamed.

Understanding Workplace
Sexual Harassment

This programs provides practical
skills to help enable you and your
employees recognise what is and
what is not sexual harassment...

Understanding workplace

A course that provides insights
into workplace bullying,
harassment, sexual harassment
and discrimination and other...

Investigating workplace

Recommended for HR professionals
and managers involved in the
investigation of misconduct or


This training is recommended for all
managers/team leaders/supervisors
 to help minimise costly and time
consuming complaints against...

Other programs are offered focus on resolving sexual harassment, bullying, code of conduct, complaint handling, fraud,
misuse of the internet, email or IT, Legislation, grievance resolution and more. 

Access articles
and short videos

Access articles and short videos presented by IWMI principal Phil O’Brien designed to help CEOs, HR professionals, managers, employers and business owners to most effectively navigate employment  relations to optimise performance